He partners with major Australian and international companies, teams and individuals to enable them to achieve their true potential. Adrian delivers his leadership expertise through his ability as a highly skilled coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant and author as well his unique and memorable keynote conference presentations.

Clients describe him as “inspirational”, “down to earth” and “highly effective”

Adrian’s purpose is responsible world leadership and his experience of over 20 years work as a corporate leader and leadership educator has convinced him that we can all contribute significantly to this on a micro and macro level by designing a personal and/or organisational evolution system which inspires us to use all our talents and take action that truly makes a difference to the profit results of both companies, communities and the planet.


Evolution Learning has a world class team of associates trainers, coaches and instructional designers - all specialists in their field of expertise and delivery method. If it is felt that your project requires the input of one or more of these experts, this option will discussed with you during the consultation process.


Evolution Learning has a team of in-house and outsourced administration staff that ensure all projects are delivered to the highest standard.