“An excellent program that has clearly defined the role of manager/leader in the organisation and I am certain that all the managers have developed their management styles towards a leadership style. This has manifested itself in clear improvements in performance of the branches during the last six months” Les Richardson, CEO - Ricoh Australia

 "Adrian Heath worked wonders with my company. We devised a customized program that addressed my current wish list for the ongoing optimization of my company. Adrian's program delivered upon the goals and surprised us with a host of additional benefits. They team accepted Adrian instantly and loved his personable style. The days were full of challenging team exercises, strategic business development thinking and enriching aspects of personal development. I highly recommend Adrian's programs." Kyrie Miskin, CEO - Compco

"Adrian was excellent in the session that he conducted for the GM group, it was one of the best management review/ development sessions that I have been involved in. Adrian gave us a detailed and very valuable insight into where we stand as a business, as a GM group, and as Sales/ Service management groups, as regards LSI and it's applications. The team LSI was worked through in very good detail, and in a way that helped to draw actions and conclusions (as opposed to a generic/ academic review), which will be both immediately applicable and of ongoing value. Overall evaluation - excellent, and a very good last stage in a very well constructed and executed program. Good work! Gary Watson, CEO - Subaru Melbourne/Inchcape Australia

"Adrian Heath has been an associate of ANZ's Cultural transformation team for the past 36 months, responsible for delivery of ANZ's flagship coaching programs, Leader as Coach, that has now been delivered to over 1500 leaders at ANZ. He is also involved in designing the new Engage Mastery program to the top 300 executives. He has consistently delivered quality outcomes and obtained great feedback from workshop participants for his coaching skills, ability to engage his audience and create a positive environment for learning, and provide challenge and stretch for participants. He is highly regarded by his co-facilitators for his innovation and commitment to excellence in delivery"
Mark Priede, Head of Coaching - ANZ Bank.

"Just a quick note to say thank you, and to let you know how much I enjoyed the session with you last week. I have been in this industry for 23 years and I got more out of the presentation with you than any I have attended." Brendan Jones, General Sales Manager - Peugeot Australia

"I was fortunate enough to attend a leadership program facilitated by Adrian Heath. The purpose of the program was to learn the stategies to drive our business to towards a high performance positive culture. The techniques learned and the structure of the program was outstanding. I am implementing the strategies now and there are already signs the program is working. Thanks Adrian." Matt Dixon, Head of IT Services - IMC Communications

"The course was exceptional, and I walked away with a great set of skills. As I've said to you many times when we've run into each other over the last few months, I have had nothing but positive feedback on the course and now I know why." Jo Bertram, HR Operations Manager - Ricoh Australia

"In my capacity as Head of Consulting and Program Delivery in the ANZ Breakout and Cultural Change Program, Adrian was selected to be part of our external facilitation team to support out global program. Adrian's technical expertise and facilitation/coaching style made him an easy choice to be part of our professional team. He is a person I can recommend as a business partner and one that always add value." Phillip Ralph, Head of Consulting and Program Delivery ANZ Breakout and Cultural Change Program

"The feedback from the course was excellent. In particular, one of our leaders, who has been on literally dozens of top courses, said 'you are right up there' as one of the very best presenters. The other participants were equally glowing in their praise of both the course content and your presentation skills" Melinda Butterworth, HR Associate - W.L.Gore & Associates

"What set this program apart from all other leadership development programs that I've been through to date, was the unique manner with which Adrian Heath managed the initial course, combined with the engaging and highly constructive coaching program for the 6 months following on the course. The results for me were both significant and positive on my professional as well as my personal life." Rob Livingstone, Chief Information Officer - Ricoh Australia

“Evolution Learning's modern approach to adult learning and delivering a combination of effective sales, sales coaching and leadership skills has proven to be a powerful and effective system for producing real change and sustainable results for our company”
Charles Heunemann, Managing Director - Surfcontrol Internet Filtering Software.

Your presentation was inspirational, energising, and most of all very real, deeply authentic. An absolute demonstration of bringing all of ourselves to all we do. The concepts and models will not only enhance my work with clients, but also triggered some 'aha' moments in relation to my own life. Thanks again, Adrian. I have to say, it was the highlight of the conference sessions for me!
Kalli Pulos, Executive Coach - Institute of Executive Coaching

Many thanks, it's not often you can get a bunch of professionals actually using the stuff they learnt, especially when it has to do with breaking lifelong habits!" Charmaine Pichler, Associate - W.L.Gore

“It has to be said that this project really brought the team even closer together and there was a true feeling of pride and excitement at the end; the team had created something that they would never normally get to do and it felt good! These values will continue to be maintained and ‘lived by’ by the Technical department team as a result” Glenn Badcock, Technical Director - JCDecaux Australia

"The LSI program is fantastic! I have done many behavioural and personality modules in the past and found LSI to be very easy to understand and more importantly grow from. The coaching sessions Adrian provided following the course were extremely helpful in guiding me through modifying some of my limiting behaviours. These sessions helped me understand why others behave in a particular manner, and strategies for me to adjust my default style to match theirs and get suitable outcomes from meetings." Brett Smith, Learning Team Leader

"I have found that coaching has enabled me to develop the individuals within my team to feel more empowered and motivated towards achieving their goals. The team are more inclined to create, solve, suggest and share, rather than ask and wait to be told how. It has lifted a self-imposed pressure without transferring the pressure to others. The environment is a happier one to work in for all. The key to all this being that the change of behaviour needed to come from myself, not others, to enable this to happen" Stewart Pickersgill, National Sales Manager - Ricoh Cameras

”An utterly fantastic training experience! Adrian Heath is one of the most engaging, enthusiastic and "straight-down-the-line" people I've ever met, and the content spot-on and delivered well.” Chris Munro, Division Manager 

“I would like to say that the 2 days of training with Adrian were one of the most dynamic and power packed, I have ever attended.” Graham Goldfinch, Sales Manager

“Thank you for the extremely successful program you ran for us. I was delighted with the outcome” Victoria Baxter, National Training Manager